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Monday, 18 May 2015 00:00

How to Have Your Voice Heard

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The frustration of dealing with your student loan servicer, Part (1)

After representing student loan borrowers for the last few years I have come to realize that the most important aspect of obtaining some type of student loan debt resolution is getting the issue in front of someone who can communicate with you.

First, let me clear up some confusion about who the players are. First, you have a lender of the student loan. For the Federal Student Loans, for simplicity sake, let’s just say the lender is the U.S. Department of  Education. If the word “direct” appears in any of your paperwork, the lender is Dept. of Ed because you got the money directly from them. This is a very simple concept and the very first step in obtaining some resolution to your student loan concern.

That being said, Navient, Great Lakes, NelNet, for an example, are NOT your lender. They are servicers who collect student loans and process the administrative end of things for the US Department of  Ed. This is the essence of the frustration for many student loan borrowers.  The driving force behind complaints to the Dept. of Ed, and any other entity in the loop, is the failure of the servicers to provide clear, concise, accurate, and appropriate information. This is why the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,  has sent out a Request for Information where you can have your voice heard. 

This is your opportunity to tell your story.

This call for action by student loan borrowers has just recently been issued. The full request for public inquiry was launched on May 14, 2015. Many feel that this has been coming for a very long time and certainly should have been issued earlier. Attached is the link to the full article:

In encourage anyone who has had issues with the servicers, or collection agencies hired by the servicers, to file a complaint. I can assist you with those issues if nothing is getting done or the issue persists.

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